Wake Venues

Here is a selection of venues that have been popular in Bembridge, East Cowes & near the Crematorium

Bembridge/St Helens Wake Venues

The Birdham

1 Steyne Road, Bembridge PO35 5UH

Tel: 01983 872840

Fox’s Restaurant

11 High Street, Bembridge IW PO35 5SD

Tel: 01983 872626

Bembridge Sailing Club

Embankment Road, Bembridge, PO355NR

Tel: 01983 872237

Brading Haven Yacht Club

Embankment Road, St Helens, PO33 1XQ

Tel: 01983 873911

East Cowes & Venues Near The Crematorium

All these venues are approximately 10 minutes drive from the Crematorium. 

Albert Cottage Hotel

York Avenue, East Cowes, IW, PO32 6BD

Tel: 01983 299309

The Lifeboat

Britannia Way, East Cowes, PO32 6UB

Tel: 01983 292711

The Lakeside Park Hotel

High Street, Wootton Bridge,Ryde, IW,PO33 4LJ

Tel: 01983 882266


The Folly Inn

Folly Lane, East Cowes, IW PO32 6NB

Tel: 01983 297171


Private Caterers

For those wishing to hold the wake at home, we can propose either:- Laura Sadler and Emma Guy.

Laura Sadler

Telephone : 01983 568689

Email: contact@laurasadlercatering.co.uk

Emma Guy

Tel: 07832 127737

We are proud to be members of SAIF, The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) which is a trade association whose members are all independent funeral directors. Independent funeral directors are known for their high standard of service and a caring, traditional approach to their local communities, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. By choosing a SAIF member when the need arises, you are assured of a trusted and caring professional who is dedicated to serving the needs of the community. SAIF Members must adhere to a strict Code of Practice.

Islandwide Service

With two offices; one located in Bembridge and one located in East Cowes. Weaver Bros. Ltd have the Isle of Wight covered.